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Our goal was to find a vehicle platform to build on that could provide us a dual personality; comfortable enough to be used as a daily driver and menacing enough to tear up the track. We wanted something that already had alot to offer right out of the box. We ended up at the Porsche 993 Twin Turbo.


Fast forward a few weeks (after looking at probably 12 different 993 Twin Turbos) and we find ourselves a great candidate to start with; a 1996 Polar Silver Porsche 993 Twin Turbo.


We are looking to improve all aspects of the car; handling, power, braking, interior and exterior.


This car will be offered up for sale as a complete tuned vehicle once it is complete.


Here is what it looked like right from the dealer that sold it to us. It was in beautiful shape!








Phase 1 - Suspension improvements

- RS Factory strut tower brace

- Bilstein PSS9 Coilover kit


We started this phase with a pretty simple upgrade path.. The only components we left out were the sway bars because we wanted to see how the car behaved with the stock ones in place. Once we've had some seat time, If we determine they are needed we will add them later on.


Here is a shot of the coilover kit, along with a comparison of stock shock & spring setup to the PSS9 coilover.



Here is the patient on the hoist awaiting it's surgery...


Here is what they look like once they are installed...




Now that we have the suspension taken care of, next up was to give the interior some attention.


Phase 2 - Interior upgrades

- Daytona Race GT 340mm Steering wheel w/airbag (black leather & suede)
- Aluminum instrument rings
- Aluminum pedals w/matching dead pedal

- Full carbon fiber interior (instrument cluster, radio surround, center console, door inserts, door handles)
- Blue seat belts
- Custom Lloyds mats (black with silver stitching and silver embossed turbo logo)
- Custom Rear seat delete covered in black suede (who needs to sit in the back anyways???)
- Custom Recaro Sport Topline Driver & Passenger seats.. Covered in Porsche black leather w/black suede centers.. Full power assist with heat & cool functions.

- Custom recovered door panels done in black suede


Here is what the aluminum rings and pedals look like before installing them in the car.




Here is a picture of the beautiful Daytona GT Steering wheel. This is hand stitched, all-leather wheel and airbag.




Here are a few pictures of the custom Recaro Sport Topline seats. These are finished in black leather and black suede.





Here is what the custom Lloyds mats look like in an otherwise relatively stock interior.




Here are some pictures showing the freshly recovered Rear Seat Delete and the 2 door panels. It's a beautiful black suede material.





Here is what the carbon fiber interior pieces look like before they are installed. We have the complete instrument cluster surround, center console, door panels and door handles, switch console, and center dash pieces.




Now the fun begins... Installing the carbon fiber is not for the faint of heart. You have to take half the car apart to get the instrument cluster carbon in place. Here is what the car looks like with half its dash taken apart... Notice how I did the easy pieces first and put the center console and switch console carbon in place first.



After 2hrs of disassembly, finally, the instrument cluster carbon piece is in place.



Starting to go back together now. Aluminum instrument rings installed at the same time.



Here is the carbon fiber door panel insert and door pull installed.











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