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The goal with this car is to reach 1000hp at the engine. This project will be tackled in 3 stages.

Stage 1: Bigger, more efficient intercoolers along with an improved intake system

Stage 2: Improved exhaust manifolds and modified turbocharger system

Stage 3: Ported and polished heads and more aggressive camshafts

Below are a few pictures showing the intercoolers being test fit onto the driver and passenger side of the vehicle.




Here is what they look like when they are not on the car...



The engine bay is pretty tight. The only way to get a larger air intake element was to create a double headed air pipe

with two conical air filters. Below is a shot showing the new intake setup being test fit on the driver's side.



 Here are a few pictures showing the completed intercoolers and air intake setup.

We have codenamed this upgrade "Scorpion".




We have completed the intercooler and intake portion of the project. Notice the nicely formed heat shields that

were installed around the air filters to isolate them from the engine compartment. We used the same factory

rubber gaskets to form around the perimeter of the intake area so that it seals up against the hood.



Next up is dyno testing the new intake and intercooler setup to see what power

increases we can get with the current ECU tune.

After that we are on to the turbos and manifolds.





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