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This project came to light because we were looking for a way to increase the performance of the stock cylinder heads on the Mercedes Benz M113 5.5L Kompressor motors. We had a set of stock heads flow tested and found that there was alot of room for improvement.


The Stage 2 heads involves a complete valve job and porting work as well as a pair of our custom camshafts.
We also replace the heavy, stock valve spring retainers with a set of our custom made titanium retainers. The stock retainers weigh in at 18.01g  while our titanium retainers are just 10.22g.

It takes approx 1 work week to complete the work on the heads


Here is what the stock heads look like right after you take them off your engine block.




Below is a picture of one completed cylinder head after it was ported and cleaned up.



Here is a close-up of the exhaust valves and one of the intake valves.
Both valves were back cut but only the intake valve was swirl polished.



Here is a nice close-up of the exhaust ports.



Here are some close up shots of the finished combustion chambers.
The areas around the valve guides were reshaped and smoothened out.




Here is what the finished exhaust ports look like..
They were basically opened up and gasket matched.



Completed Heads





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